Saipol certified a Great Place To Work in October 2022

Article written on 25 October 2022
Following the survey conducted among all employees in June and July 2022, Saipol has just been certified as a Great Place To Work with a Trust Index score of 67%.

As a result, Saipol was awarded the Great Place To Work certification in its first participation in the survey, to which 66% of employees responded.

In addition, 79% of the employees responded positively to the question “Overall, I can say that Saipol is a great company to work for”. This constitutes the Great Place To Work overall perception or “personal” score which is linked to pride of belonging, and places Saipol within a few points of the best companies to work for in the benchmark (Best Workplace FR 2022 – 250 to 999 employees).

In addition to the Trust Index’s overall findings, GPTW studies five dimensions of employee perception :

  • fairness, credibility, and respect : 3 dimensions that address the relationship with the management line
  • pride : a dimension that relates to the employee’s relationship with his or her work, with the work of the team and with the company’s image
  • and camaraderie : a dimension that focuses on the quality of interpersonal relations and the quality of hospitality as well as the sense of community.

The survey reveals the strengths of Saipol and its organisation, in particular, a management line perceived as competent, a sense of pride reinforced by strong societal commitments, an inclusive company and valued resources and benefits.

Saipol - Pascal BOQUET
“the result obtained from the first participation in the Great Place To Work survey testifies to the pride of the teams in participating in the purpose of Saipol and the Avril group of Serving the Earth. In particular, it highlights the perception of employees that “Saipol serves the interests of farmers” with 83% of employees responding favourably to this question. It also commits us to continuing our efforts to improve this score by acting on the points of improvement highlighted by the study, for which areas to be worked on will be identified and made the subject of specific actions.”
Pascal BOQUET, Saipol's Human Resources Director, Saipol
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