Rapeseed and sunflower meals
– Vegetable protein –

Saipol offers livestock farmers and feed manufacturers a choice of rapeseed and sunflower meals with protein concentrations of between 28% and 36%.

The offer favours a range of non-GMO proteins from France. The vegetable protein marketed by Saipol is an economically viable alternative to imported soybeans in feed for dairy cows and for fattening.
Saipol also occasionally has meal from other oilseed varieties specifically adapted for use by feed manufacturers: brassica carinata meal, erucic rapeseed meal, etc.

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Packaging volumes

minimum 30 T
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minimum 1000T
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How are our protein meals made?

The meals produced by Saipol are derived from the crushing of oil seeds by pressing and then extracting the oil.

Focus on meal quality

Meal is the dry part of the crushed rapeseed or sunflower seed. The cake has many properties for feeding livestock:

It is a source of vegetable protein and therefore has a high nutritional value.
It is well balanced in amino acids, and its concentration of digestible lysine and methionine is close to the recommended thresholds for feeding dairy cows.
It is rich in minerals, particularly phosphorus and calcium, which reduces the need for mineral supplements.
It is cheaper than soy, which it can easily replace in rations.

Protein self-sufficiency or protein autonomy

The development of biodiesel production in France from rapeseed and sunflower to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport has resulted in a consequent increase in the production of vegetable protein for livestock in the form of oilseed meal. For every tonne of biodiesel produced, 1.5 tonne of rapeseed or sunflower meal is produced at the same time.
Saipol has thus developed its range of vegetable proteins for livestock feed in parallel with the development of biodiesel production.

For the feeding of all livestock

For a balanced diet, meals are used in the rations of all livestock farms in addition to other cereals and pasture: cows, pigs, sows and laying hens.

Rapeseed and sunflower meals are a simple solution for feed manufacturers or farmers to substitute imported soybean meal, particularly for industries that meet specifications promoting non-GMO feed or feed of French origin.