Our mission

– Our mission –

the processing of seeds

Created in 1983, Saipol is the French leader in rapeseed and sunflower processing. Saipol ensures that the seeds are used for all markets in human nutrition, animal feed, renewable energies and chemicals.

Saipol is an essential link between the agricultural sector and the consumer goods industry and is deeply rooted in the agricultural world. The company has built up strong links with its suppliers, seed producers and collectors, as well as with its industrial customers. Its aim is to develop remunerative opportunities for farmers while meeting consumer requirements in terms of quality, traceability and commitment to the planet.

graines de colza

As a global player in the oilseed market, saipol offers value-added solutions for the most demanding customers and citizens in vegetable oils and derivatives, vegetable proteins and the production of low-carbon energy such as biodiesel and oleo100.

Contributing to better nutrition

From its creation, Saipol has been part of the Avril Group’s mission is to create sustainable value in the oil and protein sectors, thus contributing to better nutrition for people and the conservation of the planet.
Saipol is thus committed to participating in the development of French agriculture and know-how in a quality and sustainability approach, while sharing the added value derived from production with agricultural farmers via the remuneration of seeds.

Ingerieurs Saipol dans l'usine

  • We process oilseeds from French agriculture and invest them in production tools.
  • Through innovation and the construction of solutions for food or for the planet, we respond to societal expectations while involving actors of the upstream sector.
  • We develop renewable, responsible and sustainable energy solutions while optimising our own environmental footprint and ensuring remuneration for agricultural stakeholders.


French agriculture is already internationally recognised for the quality of its products and its sustainable production methods must be further promoted.
In addition to feeding people, agriculture is also a solution to environmental issues with the production of energy and renewable products or the storage of CO2.
We are committed to the success of local agriculture and defend the idea that the value of oilseed products should remunerate all players.
Agriculture 4.0 makes it possible to revitalise the link between players from upstream to downstream of production and to ensure quality traceability by establishing a climate of trust and transparency up to the final consumer.