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Producer of renewable energy for transport

Saipol is a pioneer in renewable energy for transport with the Diester® brand, the Made in France biodiesel, launched in the early 1990s.

Saipol now offers ready-to-use renewable energies for transporters with the Oleo100® brand, biodiesel marketed under the Diester® brand for incorporation into diesel fuel, and pre-treated vegetable oils for the production of low-carbon energies (HVO, co-processing).

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1 st
French producer
of biodiesel
1,4 million
of biodiesel marketed in 2020
60 % reduction
in greenhouse gas emissions
on average thanks to our renewable energies
2 renewable energy
Oleo100® and Diester®

reduces greenhouse gas emissions by more than 60%

The renewable energies marketed by Saipol, Oleo100® and Diester®, enable a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of over 60% compared to diesel.

With OleoZE®, the solution for sourcing French rapeseed and sunflower from soil conservation farming practices, Saipol promotes carbon storage in agricultural soils and pays above market prices for seeds from sustainable agriculture with a lower carbon footprint.

This solution enables Saipol to offer its customers renewable energy and raw material sourcing with higher reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Promotes plant protein sovereignty through renewable energy

A co-product of biodiesel production, protein-rich meal constitutes 56% of the weight of rapeseed: it is therefore the biggest market in terms of volume, regardless of the destination of the vegetable oils obtained from the seeds.

The development of rapeseed cultivation for the production of biodiesel since the 1990s has made it possible to strengthen local production of plant proteins for livestock feed and to limit soybean imports. Obtaining biofuels from rapeseed and sunflower therefore has a positive impact on French protein sovereignty 🇨🇵.


Diester, a biodiesel made in france to meet ghg reduction objectives at the pump

Invented in the 1990s, Diester® is the brand name of Saipol and the Avril Group for the Biodiesel Made in France. Under this brand name, Saipol offers oil companies a range of biodiesels that meet their technical specifications and requirements in terms of sustainability and greenhouse gas reduction.

Diester® biodiesel is in particular incorporated into diesel fuel distributed at gas stations under the name B7 or B10.

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Innovating for tomorrow’s renewable energy

Saipol, the French leader in oilseed processing, has developed expertise in the supply of low-carbon plant raw materials, in association with collecting organisations and farmers.

Saipol’s teams work daily with players in the sector to develop new energies from agriculture that meet transport decarbonisation goals.

Oleo100, renewable energy from french rapeseed for road transport fleets, local authorities and companies

At the end of 2018, Saipol launched Oleo100®, a renewable energy made from 100% French rapeseed and marketed to road hauliers, local authorities and companies that reduces the greenhouse gas emissions of their vehicle fleets by up to 60%. Oleo100® is immediately substitutable for diesel.
More than a hundred French transporters already trust our B100 brand. Our clients thus offer low-carbon deliveries while supporting French agriculture!

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Saipol offers its customers its expertise in the development of value chains, the supply of low-carbon oilseeds from the agricultural sector and in their transformation in order to market pretreated vegetable oils with low greenhouse gas emissions for the production of HVO or for co-processing.

With its expertise in terms of raw material sustainability and its low-GHG grain sourcing OleoZE solution, Saipol builds turnkey solutions with its customers with the aim of decarbonising their energy consumption for transport.

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5 reasons to trust saipol on renewable energy

Over 35 years of experience in agricultural commodity markets, and 30 years in biodiesel
Expertise in sustainability and building sustainable value chains
More than 90% of customers are satisfied with the quality and service of the biodiesel business (quality survey 2019 – Ester, glycerine and co-products)
A complete offer and associated services to decarbonise transport
A strong agricultural base and the desire to make agriculture a solution for the planet

Oleo100® applications

Road hauliers
Community fleets
Compagny fleets:
Construction and public works, captive fleets

Diester® application

Oil tankers

Packaging and transport

oleo100 individual tank:
20m3 or 50m3
Tank truck