Crude glycerine
– Vegetable glycerine –

Saipol markets crude vegetable glycerine, a by-product of processing vegetable oils into biodiesel or Oleo100 energy. Saipol is one of Europe’s leading producers of crude vegetable glycerine due to its position as the French leader in biodiesel.

Crude glycerine is a viscous, dark yellow to brown liquid. The glycerine produced by Saipol has a concentration of 80% or 90% of glycerol and is intended for technical use, for use in animal feed, or to be refined before being used in human food or cosmetics.

In its raw form, vegetable glycerine has similar properties to refined glycerine: it can be used as emollient, thickening, lubricating agent, etc.

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150 000 tonnes
of crude vegetable glycerine
produced per year
More than 9 out of 10 industrial customers
recommend Saipol
for their crude glycerine supply.
+ More than 2000 possible applications
from refined
vegetable glycerine
100 kilos
of crude glycerine produced on average
per tonne of biodiesel


Animal feed
Effluent treatment
Cement plant

Packaging volumes

tank truck:
25T or 30T
Flexitank/Isotank/Truck with capacity of 25T
between 1,000 and 4,000T

Focus on the production of crude vegetable glycerine

Vegetable glycerine is a by-product of the reaction between a vegetable oil (triglyceride) and an alcohol (methanol) to produce a vegetable oil methyl ester (biodiesel). The reaction occurs naturally by mixing oil and alcohol and is accelerated by a catalyst.

Production can be made by batch or continuously depending on the industrial process.

The esters and glycerine are then separated by simple decantation (glycerine is lighter than the ester) and by distillation.