The French leader in oilseed processing

Usine Saipol
The French leader in oilseed processing
2.9 Millions
tonnes of rapeseed and sunflower seeds
processed in France
1.6 Million
tonnes of meal
for animal feed
1.2 Million
tonnes of renewable energy
produced in France
0.9 Million
tonnes of refined and pretreated
vegetable oils

French industrial leader in oilseed processing

Saipol is the French leader 🇨🇵 in the processing of rapeseed and sunflower seeds and one of the European leaders in the crushing and refining of vegetable oils and the production of biodiesel.

A subsidiary of the Avril Group, Saipol develops value-added solutions for its customers and the most demanding citizens, by marketing vegetable oils and derivatives, protein-rich meals, and low-carbon renewable energies (Diester® biodiesel, Oleo100).

About our mission
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Our solutions

Graines de tournesol
#1. Purchase of seeds
Saipol obtains its oilseeds from French agricultural cooperatives and traders, from international players, and directly from farmers via the OleoZE solution..
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#2. Vegetable oils
Saipol markets raw, pre-treated vegetable oils and refined rapeseed and sunflower oils produced at its production sites in France.
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#3. Plant protein
Saipol offers livestock farmers and feed manufacturers a choice of rapeseed and sunflower meals rich in plant protein.
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Produits Saipol, Ă©nergies renouvelables
#4. Renewable energy
Producer of Diester® biodiesel since the 1990s, Saipol offers solutions derived from oilseed crops for a carbon-free transport.
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#5. Glycerin
Saipol markets crude vegetable glycerine, a co-product resulting from the processing of vegetable oils into biodiesel or Oleo100 energy.
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#6. Lecithins
Saipol produces sunflower and rapeseed lecithins, which are marketed by specialised subsidiaries within the Avril Group.
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Our brands

About us

Saipol was created in 1983 by Sofiprotéol (which became Avril in 2015) in order to restructure a competitive industrial tool, which is essential for the future of the French oilseed industry.

Saipol is a pillar of the French oilseed industry.

By developing markets for vegetable oils and oil meals, Saipol ensures that rapeseed and sunflower crops provide a fair remuneration to farmers through the sale of their seeds.

A player in the development of Diester biodiesel since the 1990s, Saipol is now developing new solutions and specialities from oilseed, in line with social expectations regarding food and low-carbon energy.

Our commitments

01. Respectful agriculture
Working for farming that respects the planet
02. Resources and Biodiversity
Protecting natural resources and biodiversity
03. Local industries
Saipol - Usine Le MĂ©riot
Promoting the development of local industries
04. Investments
Acting on the impact of our investments
05. Climate
Climate action
06. Collective and inclusive
Acting for a collective and inclusive project
14 May 2024
Saipol’s supply chain, from commercial promise to value creation
Production is not enough to create value in a company. Saipol's Supply Chain department works both in the field and on the company's strategic vision with operations on all fronts, bringing together seven interconnected fields.  Its role is transforming Saipol's ambitions into reality. Supply Chain Director Estelle Bregetzer explains.