Saipol certified Great Place To Work for the 2nd time

Article written on 30 October 2023
Following the survey conducted among all employees in June and July 2022, Saipol has just been certified as a Great Place To Work with a Trust Index score of 67%.

For the second year running, Saipol has been certified Great Place To Work in the October 2023 ranking following the employee engagement survey conducted in June 2023.

With an increase in participation to 74% (+ 8 pts compared to 2022), an overall perception of 78% (heart rating on 1 question) and a trust indicator of 71% (average on 60 questions), Saipol has been awarded GreatPlaceToWork certification for the second year running.

GreatPlaceToWork studies 5 dimensions of employee perception of their work environment, all of which improved in 2023:

  • fairness, credibility and respect: 3 dimensions that focus on the relationship with line management
  • pride: a dimension that focuses on the employee’s relationship with his or her work, with the teams and with the company’s image
  • and conviviality: a dimension that focuses on the quality of interpersonal relations, hospitality and the feeling of solidarity.

The 2023 survey is also an opportunity to measure employees’ perceptions of the priority actions carried out in recent months. This year, the indicator for premises and equipment is clearly up (61% positive responses, +13 points), as is that for confidence in management (71% positive responses, +18%).

Our strengths – welcoming new employees (86% positive responses) and taking pride in our achievements (84% positive responses) – remain at levels close to those of the “Best workplaces”.

By taking part in this survey, Saipol employees wanted to share their experiences within the company. Through the voices of our employees, we are proud to say that Saipol really is a great place to work, so join us !

christophe beaunoir
Serving the earth is our raison d’être …. Serving agriculture is our reason for acting. For 40 years, Saipol has been supporting the world of agriculture by transforming oilseeds from the “French farm” into vegetable oils and protein-rich oilseed meal. This link with agriculture and farmers is an integral part of the “Saipol Culture”, as demonstrated by the 2023 edition of our Great Place To Work certification … and it is a fundamental lever for employee commitment to our mission: to act for the agricultural, food and energy transition.
Christophe BEAUNOIR, Saipol's General Manager