OLEO100 & Invivo

InVivo signs a partnership with Europorte to decarbonise rail transport for malt houses

Article written on 1 March 2023
The InVivo Group, which has been involved in the “Fret 21” initiative for two years through its subsidiary Malteries Soufflet, is ramping up its strategy to decarbonise its rail transport (operated by Europorte) using Oleo100, a fully plant-based biofuel developed by Saipol.


The InVivo Group charters approximately 550 trains of cereals and malt every year to its port silos and industrial facilities, especially its malt houses. The Group has been enlisting the services of Europorte for many years, which charters about 100 trains for InVivo every year to Rouen, Metz and primarily the malt house in Strasbourg.

Until recently, locomotives mainly travelling along non-electrified lines were powered by off-road diesel, which is the long-standing fuel for these engines. Empowered by their shared ambition of decarbonising rail transport, the InVivo Group and Europorte were keen to phase out off-road diesel. The 100 trains that Europorte operates on behalf of the InVivo Group will now run on Oleo100. This fully plant-based biofuel is a renewable energy source derived entirely from rapeseed harvested in France, and subsequently produced and marketed by Avril Group subsidiary Saipol. Compared to diesel, it can reduce CO2 emissions by 60% to 80% without needing any significant changes to the equipment.


Malteries Soufflet is already pursuing a net zero strategy, but will now have nearly 70 Oleo100-powered malting barley trains delivering to the Strasbourg malt house. The partnership with Europorte will enable Malteries Soufflet to save 900 tons of CO2 a year out of the 1,300 tons saved across the Group.

“Soufflet Malteries is not expected to be the only stakeholder that will reap the benefits from this tremendous venture, since our partner Europorte also works with Soufflet Agriculture. On average, we are expecting to save 1,300 tons of CO2 every year.
Guillaume Couture, CEO of Malteries Soufflet
“We are delighted to lend our support to the InVivo Group, a long-standing customer, in decarbonising its logistics chain. Their interest in our Oleo100 locomotive solution, which can be credited to the partnership that we signed with the Avril Group two years ago, is a real hallmark of confidence in the reliability and quality of our solution, and strengthens our reputation as a leading railway operator in the energy transition.”
Raphaël Doutrebente, CEO of Europorte
Building on the Group’s legacy and its corporate purpose of Serving the Earth, the teams here at Saipol are proud to play an active role in decarbonising transport and, more broadly, the agricultural sector, by proposing innovative and sustainable solutions produced from 100% French rapeseed. This proves that French agriculture is a powerful driving force for leading change.”
Christophe Beaunoir, CEO of Saipol