Avril & DSM

Avril and DSM finalise their partnership to launch the development of rapeseed protein in France, from the Saipol industrial site in Dieppe

Article written on 15 July 2020

Paris (FR), Delft (NL), 15 July 2020 - Avril, France’s fourth largest agri-food group, and Royal DSM, a global science-based company specialising in nutrition, health and sustainable living, announce that they have finalised their partnership agreement. This strategic alliance will enable the launch in France of their joint project to extract rapeseed proteins from the Dieppe industrial site for the global food market.

A strategic alliance for an industrial world first

One year after announcing their intention to collaborate to meet the growing demand for vegetable proteins, Avril and DSM are joining forces to develop their joint project on the Dieppe industrial site.

This strategic alliance is based on the unique know-how of each partner. It is part of an ambitious industrial project to create a new sector dedicated to protein for human consumption. It includes the production and marketing of rapeseed protein isolate, through the creation of a joint venture company, OLATEIN, whose capital is jointly held by Avril (25%) and DSM (75%).

Avril is also investing in the upstream part, capitalising on its leadership in oilseed crushing and seed purchasing. The Group will supply OLATEIN with the raw material required for extraction: non-GMO, protein-rich meal from the new crushing unit to be built on the site.
The final component of this alliance is a biomethane production facility that will contribute to the local public network and reduce the environmental footprint of the site.

The construction in Dieppe of the first industrial site dedicated to the extraction of proteins

The finalisation of this partnership initiates a new dynamic for the Dieppe industrial site, owned by Saipol, a subsidiary of the Avril group. In close collaboration with the Normandy Region, which has provided financial support, the Dieppe Town Hall, the Port, the State services and the entire local ecosystem, the site will be completely reconverted to accommodate the various industrial units newly created to produce the pure protein. Work will start in summer, with the aim of starting production in the first quarter of 2022. The restart of the activity will allow the creation of new jobs once the works are completed.

« This partnership with DSM is part of Avril’s strategy to develop and conquer new markets, with the aim of structuring a new high-protein seed sector and thus contribute to reducing France’s and Europe’s dependence on protein. This project, in accordance with our commitments, offers a new future for the Dieppe site, while repositioning it on a new activity that will bring growth and industrial sustainability »
Jean-Philippe Puig, Managing Director of the Avril Group
“With the world’s population continuing to grow and the demand for healthy and nutritious protein increasing, the world needs sustainable solutions. Our partnership with Avril enables the production of CanolaPRO™, a high quality and nutritious protein that helps our customers provide consumers around the world with better tasting and more enjoyable meat and dairy alternatives, in line with market trends”
Patrick Niels, President of DSM Food Specialties

Plant proteins

Protein is an essential part of a healthy diet. As the world’s population moves towards 10 billion by 2050, more globally produced protein will be needed.


CanolaPRO™ is the brand resulting from the joint venture between Avril and DSM. CanolaPRO™ will be marketed and sold by DSM. CanolaPRO™ has excellent functional properties, high nutritional value and a balanced taste profile. It promotes vegan and vegetarian products such as meat and dairy alternatives, as well as other beverages, baked goods, bars and ready-to-mix products.