100 customers

100 customers reached: Oleo100, the 100% french rapeseed biofuel, has convinced the french transport industry

Article written on 6 July 2020

Since the beginning of the year, Oleo100, the B100 brand of Saipol, a subsidiary of the Avril group, has been able to assert its growing position as a clean alternative energy in the French energy mix. By reaching the symbolic figure of 100 customers, including road transport of goods and people, local authorities, waste collection operators and even river transport operators, Oleo100 is helping to decarbonise fleets with energy produced entirely from French rapeseed.

Ambitious goals achieved, with more to come

The signing of our 100th customer with the France Benne group marks an important milestone in the deployment of Oleo100,”

“Our customers’ trucks already drive 100,000 km every day with Oleo100.” The objective is to double the amount by the end of 2020 and reach 35,000 m3 contracted.”

Claire Duhamel, Director Oleo100

After milestones such as testing the energy on a Sogestran self-propelled river vessel, tests with Transdev and manufacturer agreements, Oleo100 is aiming to be even more ambitious to obtain the integration of the B100 in the energy transition law and certification of the energy in Crit’air 1.

Oleo100: the sustainable alternative fuel

The marketing of B100 to captive fleets has been authorised by decree since the end of 2018. Saipol has been able to develop a B100 that guarantees a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 80% reduction in fine particle emissions, while supporting the local economy thanks to the use of rapeseed of French origin. A major advantage of Oleo100 is its immediate compatibility with Euro 1 to 5 heavy-duty engines and approval for Euro 6 engines. Thanks to connected tanks, kindly provided by Oleo100 to each of its customers, the supplies are taken care of and adapted according to the consumption observed. Driving ecologically at lower cost is becoming possible. The support of Oleo100’s commercial, technical and communication teams guarantees a quick and easy implementation of this transitional energy.

Satisfaction noted with the first users

The feedback from the Oleo100 customer community has been very positive and makes it all the more promising to conquer new transport professionals. They do not hesitate to tell the press: “[Oleo100] does not affect the performance of our construction vehicles. And consumption is virtually the same”, says Stéphane Plourde, manager of Plourde Terrassement, while Jean Yves Le Goff with Transports Le Goff is pleased “to bring a green touch to glass collection”. Patrick Pihen, head of Pihen Transports, also says “We were the very first of Avril Group’s customers to proudly display the colours of Oleo100, our 100% French rapeseed energy” on our vehicles. Thanks to this customisation, our approach to sustainability will be visible on all roads in France! ”. By using Oleo100, transport professionals can promote their CSR approach and distinguish themselves in calls for tender. Each customer receives a certificate, stamped by Bureau Veritas, on the percentage reduction in greenhouse gas emissions linked to the consumption of Oleo100.