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Renault Trucks france and Oleo100: working together for a “100% french” energy transition

Article written on 26 July 2020

Renault Trucks and Saipol are starting a collaboration to facilitate access to Oleo100 for truck fleets to “decarbonise” France’s roads.

Renault Trucks France and Oleo100, the 100% French rapeseed B100 from Saipol, a subsidiary of the Avril group, are aiming to “decarbonise” France’s roads.

At the end of the exchanges which will start this summer, the French manufacturer and Oleo100 will start a collaboration which will be materialised by a partnership agreement at the end of September. It will aim to popularise the use of Oleo100 by facilitating the adoption of this alternative energy that can immediately replace diesel, in particular by removing the potential technical and financial obstacles that could slow down their customers’ access to such transition energy.

This is an important step to support transport operators in a simple and quick energy transition.

Oleo100, the sustainable alternative fuel

As the marketing of B100 for captive fleets of heavy goods vehicles has been authorised by decree since the end of 2018, Saipol was able afterwards to develop a B100, Oleo100, guaranteeing a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 80% reduction in fine particle emissions, while supporting the local economy thanks to a 100% biodegradable rapeseed of French origin. A major advantage of Oleo100 is its immediate compatibility with Euro 1 to 5 heavy-duty engines and the approval for Euro 6 engines.

Thanks to connected tanks, kindly provided by Oleo100 to each of its customers, the supplies are taken care of and adapted according to the consumption observed. The support of Oleo100’s sales, technical and communication teams guarantees a rapid and simple implementation of this transitional energy, which has already gained over a hundred satisfied customers.

Renault Trucks technology

« Thanks to sensors that identify the type of fuel, the Renault Trucks truck adapts the engine settings, thus guaranteeing identical performance to diesel »
Olivier Metzger, Director of Alternative Energies at Renault Trucks France

All Renault Trucks in the T High, T, C and K 13 litre 480 hp Euro VI ranges from step D upwards are compatible with Oleo100. They are compatible regardless of whether they are manufactured as such or converted in the workshop (workshop upgrade).

The other Oleo100 compatible engines are the Renault Trucks D, D Wide and C 5 and 8 litre 240hp and 320hp engines. This is possible either on vehicles manufactured as such or, in the workshop, after updating the software and fitting the sensor for Euro VI Step D and earlier Step D vehicles.

All engines prior to Euro VI can be adapted to the use of Oleo100 after a visit to the workshop.

A 100% french partnership

The collaboration between Renault Trucks France and Oleo100 aims to provide an offer that will integrate their current requirements in terms of quality and efficiency, backed by recognised certifications.

Renault Truck France is the only manufacturer whose trucks have been certified since 2014 with the “Origine France garantie” label. Oleo100 is the only energy company that can trace the French rapeseed used for its B100 from field to the vehicle, from its cultivation to its processing in Saipol’s factories. This traceability makes it possible to specify for each Oleo100 order the precise percentage of greenhouse gas emission reduction, with a minimum reduction of 60%*.

Through this concrete support for French employment by mobilising agricultural and industrial know-how, Renault Trucks France and Saipol are paving the way for a genuine “100% French” energy transition.