Paris Grain Day

Saipol at paris grain day’21

Article written on 21 January 2021

Read Christophe Beaunoir’s interview who, ahead of his speech at the round table on 28 January 2021, reminds us of the advantages of rapeseed cultivation for human food, animal nutrition and for the production of renewable energy.

Paris Grain Day’21 will bring together stakeholders in the cereal sector on Wednesday 27 January and Thursday 28 January. This 2-day format allows time for participants to share their expertise on grains and to build and consolidate their opinions.

Saipol is a sponsor of the event and Christophe Beaunoir, General Manager of Saipol, will speak at the oilseed session from 11.30am to 12.30pm on Thursday 28 January 2021.

Paris Grain Day Interview: Christophe Beaunoir on biofuels in Europe

The full programme of Paris Grain Day’21 can be found here.