Saipol & CFT

Sogestran group’s CFT subsidiary (compagnie fluviale de transport) is the first river transport company to sail with oleo100, a 100% french rapeseed energy

Article written on 4 June 2020

After years of collaboration on the river transport of products developed by Saipol of the Avril group, CFT, leader in specialised river transport, is innovating within the framework of its CSR approach and has become the first company to operate a river boat using Oleo100, the 100% vegetable energy made in France.

This first river experiment enables Saipol to develop markets for this energy with new transport players, and thus offer them the possibility of reducing their CO2 and fine particle emissions.

An unprecedented experiment for river transport

CFT is the first inland waterway carrier to choose Oleo100, an alternative solution previously offered to captive fleets of heavy road vehicles. The first loading on the self-propelled vessel “Sandre”, chosen for its activity in the heart of Paris, will take place on 29 May for an experiment lasting 6 months. Initial technical and consumption feedback will be known and published after the summer, before final results are available at the end of the year. This approach is financially supported by Voies Navigables de France through its Modernisation and Innovation Assistance Plan.


The rapeseed carrier... Transported by rapeseed

CFT has been transporting rapeseed methyl ester from the Saipol production factory to oil depots for blending with diesel fuel to prepare the B7 and B10 fuels found at petrol stations. Since this methyl ester is also the source of Oleo100 energy, CFT wishes to increase the environmental benefits of inland waterway transport by considering the use of Oleo100, alongside SAIPOL, and thus join the Oleo100 community already made up of 80 road hauliers and local authorities.

An ecological alternative solution

While awaiting the final results of this experiment, a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and up to 80% reduction in fine particle emissions was observed on heavy goods vehicles, in addition to allowing a commitment to the local economy thanks to rapeseed of French origin. With the ultimate common goal of total decarbonisation, the partners wish to highlight the possibilities of significantly and rapidly reducing the environmental impact of transport activities, particularly on the Seine and in the Greater Paris area where river transport is of crucial importance.