Saipol & Axéréal

Axéréal chooses Saipol to market its first year of low-ghg rapeseed

Article written on 11 June 2020

With a common desire to find the best ways to better use farmers’ production, Axereal and Saipol have joined forces to promote the efforts of producers in sustainable rapeseed production practices.

Accelerate the development of sectors in agro-ecological transition

At the end of May 2020, Axereal announced that it has already commercialised low-GHG seeds on Oleomarket (OleoZE solution), and thus became the leading French seed collector in terms of volume for the production of high-GHG reduction biodiesel and the first certified collecting organisation in real greenhouse gas values.

« We are proud of our first 30 voluntary and eligible farmers at Axereal, who were able to access this market of the future. And we are only at the start of the process! We found that many farmers could, by optimising their practices, achieve the level of greenhouse gas reduction needed to enter this supply chain. Our teams will support them in this respect for the 2020 harvest”, explains Jérôme Bos, Director of Agricultural Activities at Axéréal. “Axereal is the first collecting organisation to use our OleoZE solution to market its members’ seeds. This is further proof of the ability of the agricultural community to change agricultural practices and make a positive contribution to the sustainability of the transport sector »
Christophe Beaunoir, Managing Director of Saipol (Avril Group)

An average bonus of €20 per tonne in the 2019 harvest

The seeds collected on Oleomarket show GHG emission reductions of over 70% and sometimes well over 100%. This year, the average bonus for Axereal farmers was around €20 per tonne of rapeseed, depending on the market and the level of greenhouse gas reduction obtained by the farmers. “The cooperative’s support to producers has been invaluable in gaining access to this new market. We use our digital tools to collect the data, for traceability and certification purposes in order to obtain the bonus”, explains Jérôme Bos. A promising sector, which reinforces the CultivUp global approach to sustainable agriculture of the Axereal group, and which finds its place in the carbon strategy on which the cooperative is currently advancing.

For Christophe Beaunoir, “Axereal is paving the way for the role that collecting organisations should take in supporting and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. OleoZE is a tool at their disposal to help them”.