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Giving meaning and rhythm to a business project

Article written on 6 April 2021

Conversation with Camille Ringeade, Head of Transformation Management

Successful business activity can only be built on a solid foundation. To adhere to a business plan, teams must understand the direction of the plan and their role within it. This is the purpose of the mission of Camille Ringeade, who is responsible for managing the transformation. Her job is not a traditional one. It combines listening and coaching skills to create trust and commitment within the teams.

Margin erosion is not good for a company’s health! Far from increasing it, such practice rather leads to its weakening. So when Saipol launched its 2023 recovery plan in 2018, the first task entrusted to Camille Ringeade, who is in charge of managing transformation, was to calm down and rationalise operations between all departments. Focus on efficiency. The new business model, based on marketing specialities and no longer solely on commodity trading, must deliver its full potential. The “Trade to cash” process must not only be optimised in its operation, but also include the activities of the new growth drivers launched since 2018 such as Oleo100, Feedmarket and OleoZE or those in the planning.

Who does what? A key issue for smooth running of the business

It was urgent to give meaning to everyone’s job with a clear framework. For two years, employees had to learn to work better together and to position themselves in a revised organisation. “We had to resolve problems often linked to misunderstandings and lack of knowledge of the other’s job”, she says. “Just a question of who does what? ” This key stage sealed the foundations.

Facilitating information sharing

Camille Ringeade then introduced several rules. They facilitate exchanges between management and employees. For the first level of management, information is shared through a monthly video conference. It connects almost one hundred people. This meeting allows everyone to learn about the progress of the projects and the economic indicators explained by management and project leaders. Everyone can then pass on the key points to their team. Another lever is the Saipol Tour. Twice a year, on the sites, and through videos and questions and answers, managers report on the progress of their projects. Finally, Camille Ringeade has organised a monthly meeting of the management committee at an industrial site to ensure that they maintain closer links.

Even if the Covid-19 crisis has put a stop to physical meetings, the channels for exchanging information are well established.

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“Giving meaning, bringing rhythm and sharing the coherence of the projects with the teams is essential to generate commitment to the strategic plan.”

Camille Ringeade, Head of Transformation Management