– Impact Programme – 

Saipol's Impact programme is a loyalty programme specifically designed for grain elevator companies that supports the development of low-carbon oilseed farming

Saipol has been in the agricultural world for over 40 years. We believe that agriculture is a solution for the planet, and have been working with OleoZE since 2020 to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by promoting regenerative agricultural practices. Not only do these practices improve soil fertility and hydrology, soil resilience and biodiversity, they also help to reduce emissions from products that leave Saipol’s industrial sites such as biofuels, edible oils, glycerine, lecithin and more by promoting carbon storage in soil!

Elevator companies are our relays in the field. They play a decisive role in this agricultural transition, thanks to their work mobilising and raising awareness among their farmers who are implementing these practices.

Working alongside our partners in upstream agriculture and their network of farmers, we can make an impact in the fight against climate change by developing better regenerative agriculture.

Impact Programme

Saipol, a pioneer in low-carbon approaches, introduced the Impact Programme at the end of 2023. This programme is aimed at our strategic suppliers, elevator companies. With this programme, Saipol offers a solution specifically designed for elevator companies. It supports the agricultural transition of farmer networks towards regenerative agricultural practices in order to facilitate continued development of low-carbon oilseeds in a changing, complex and emerging regulatory context.

Programme Impact de Saipol

The elevator companies in the programme benefit from:

Subsidised soil analyses for their farmers (in full or in part)
Support to encourage farmers to join Saipol’s low-carbon approach
Detailed guidance on regulations and their application in the field
And many other benefits!
At Saipol, we believe that regenerative agriculture can have a real impact on improving soil life, biodiversity and carbon storage. Our aim is to encourage as many farmers as possible to continue or begin their agricultural transition. We know that by working closely with our partners in the field and offering practical, profitable solutions, we will be able to increase the number of farmers involved in this approach and make a significant impact to Serve the Earth.
Thibaut DUMANS, Saipol Impact Programme Deployment Manager

Does your grain elevator company sell low-carbon rapeseed and sunflower seed? Are you and your farmers committed to ecological agriculture, regenerative farming or transforming income models, and are you looking to make these approaches financially advantageous? Do you want to create value for your member farmers in a profitable way?

Together, let’s take action to support farmers committed to the agricultural transition and low-carbon regenerative practices, and promote their actions across the board!

Pourquoi le Programme Impact


With the environmental, societal and regulatory challenges that lie ahead, Saipol is convinced that only a collective effort will have an impact in helping farmers make the transition to regenerative, low-carbon agriculture. By offering practical solutions to grain elevator companies, Saipol aims to provide farmers with significant assistance through lucrative production of low-carbon biofuels and development of new sectors.

The Impact Programme attests to Saipol’s determination to be a player in the agricultural and energy transitions we need to make. For several years now, we’ve been striving to innovate in order to have the greatest possible impact in the face of the challenges that lie ahead. Our customers demand low-carbon biofuels produced from low-carbon oilseeds. They impact our business by improving compensation for French farmers for implementing regenerative farming practices.

Impact is more than a programme, it’s a shared vision for building the future. By supporting low-carbon regenerative agriculture and mobilising companies that are making these changes a reality, both upstream and downstream of our activities.

Together, let’s make a positive impact!